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Since 1993, we have been developing and producing minimum quantity lubrication systems (MQL) for mechanical manufacturing, miniature metering devices for mobile applications and oiling/greasing solutions for various components. Our reliable technology for metering and feeding the smallest quantities of oil is also used to lubricate highly dynamic machine components with oil mist.

Our Products

Aerosol Booster AB 250 Standard as a symbolic image for internal feeding with TKM MQL devices

MQL Internal Feed

Aerosol boosters for internal tool lubrication with aerosol

TKM HCS 250 as a symbolic image for External Feeding with TKM MQL and spraying devices.

MQL External Feed

Spray systems for liquids, pastes and greases

TKM AB 350 as a symbol image for the oil mist lubrication for lubrication spots

Oil Mist Lubrication

Lubrication of high-speed bearings, guides and gears

Miniature Dosing Devices

MQL for mobile and handheld machines and robotics applications

Tank Extensions

Auxiliary lubricant reservoirs for automatic filling of our devices

Special Designs

Individual solutions for oiling, greasing and preservation

Satisfied customers and successful projects are the best advertisement

Our products follow a clear philosophy: reliability, cost-effectiveness and functionality. These three characteristics have always been top priority and are not least the reasons why our devices are used tens of thousands of times by renowned customers worldwide.