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Special designs: Oiling, greasing and preservation

In individual projects, we develop customized solutions for your lubrication, greasing or preservation task. In doing so, we can often rely on our standard components for dosing, conveying and application of liquid media. Our solutions are used worldwide by renowned customers in manual assembly systems, collaborative robot cells or fully automated systems.


We supply both manually operated units for manual workstations and turnkey solutions for installation in semi- or fully-automated systems:

  • Oiling or greasing of O-rings, components and bearing points
  • Semi-automatic application of oil/grease as assembly aid
  • Rust protection and preservation of intermediate products or stock items
  • Corrosion protection of weld seams
  • Application of protective and release agents during welding and laser cutting
  • Spray mist extraction with integrated air-liquid separation

Application Examples

The solutions presented here represent only a small selection of our range of capabilities. Please feel free to contact us at +49 (0)721 9575038 or for an individual consultation.


Greasing system for small gearboxes, integrated into an automated assembly line:

Unit for greasing small gearboxes for lifetime lubrication. The grease is filled from grease cartridges. Several nozzles apply the grease to the component.      Unit for greasing small gearboxes for lifetime lubrication



Greasing device for aluminum external threads:

Manual greasing device for small components. The spraying process is started automatically when a part is inserted.     Manual greasing device for greasing small components. Close-up view of the area to be greased. The spraying process starts automatically when a part is inserted.

Single-hand/robotic operation: The spraying process is triggered automatically when a part is inserted. The flow rate of the grease can be adjusted by a throttle valve. The grease reservoir is filled from cartridges using a grease gun. The device can either be operated manually, or integrated into a robot cell.



Typical fields of application:

  • Greasing of components and bearing points in automated systems, often component handling with robots
  • Semi-automatic application of grease in manual assembly
  • Greasing of bearings or gears as lifetime lubrication


    Combination of ① blow-off/suction unit for parts cleaning (e.g. of dust and emulsion residues) and ② preservation unit for subsequent preservation with oil. Suitable for parts up to 80mm outer diameter:

    Device for surface corrosion protection of machine parts up to 80mm outer diameter with integrated oil extraction system. For the conservation or sterilization of components.




    Device for surface preservation of cylindrical components up to 20mm outer diameter with integrated suction:

    Device for surface protection of cylindrical components up to 20mm outer diameter with integrated spray oil extraction


    Typical fields of application:

    The preservation of components can serve, for example, to protect against rust or corrosion or to sterilize them.

    • Preservation of cavities, packaging or components.
    • Preservation of semi-finished products, intermediate products or products before storage
    • Corrosion protection, rust protection of surfaces
    • Device for preserving a weld seam (e.g. circumferential seam on pipe)

    Extraction device with air-liquid separation. In combination with additional blowing air, it can be used for effective component cleaning (e.g. from emulsion):

    Extraction device with air-liquid separation

    Test setup for lubricant tests:

    Test setup for lubricant tests on lubricating oil for minimum quantity lubrication.


    Spring-loaded tank with 32ml filling volume. Guarantees a position-independent and bubble-free delivery of liquids:

    TKM auxiliary tank with 32ml filling volume. The tank is spring-loaded and can be used as an additional tank. The tank is position-independent and bubble-free.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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