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Aerosol-Booster AB 250 Special T

Minimum lubrication system for internal feed with highest flow rates
  • for special machines with up to 16 spindles
  • oil flow rate up to 250 ml per hour
  • flexible control of the parameters operating pressure, total flow rate and aerosol ratio

Operating principle

The Aerosol Booster generates an air-liquid mixture with extremely small liquid particles from non-water-miscible lubricants. This aerosol is suitable to be conducted over longer distances in hoses as well as through rotating spindles and tools. The cooling channels of the tools cause a nozzle effect through which the incoming aerosol condenses, i.e. oil and air are separated. This results in precise oil lubrication at the tool.

The integrated aerosol distributor can supply up to 16 tools/spindles simultaneously. Individual aerosol supply lines can be temporarily switched off by additional ball valves.


  • wear-free and reliable, no moving parts or electronics in the unit
  • especially suitable for multi-spindle drilling heads
  • compact design despite the large oil flow rates
  • suitable for all tool sizes
  • individual outputs can be switched on/off by ball valves
  • in combination with our tank extension: automatic refilling during operation with filtered lubricant from central reservoir

Further information


The aerosol booster AB 250 Special T is manufactured application-specific. The variants differ in the maximum oil flow rate, the operating pressure, the number of outputs and the type of control:

Delivery rate: as required, max. 250 ml/hour
Operating pressure: up to 6 or up to 10 bar
Aerosol outlets:max. 16 pcs. (individually switchable with additional ball valves)
Control:individual according to customer requirements, see Control options


Delivery specifications can be taken into account when selecting pressure regulators and solenoid valves.

Control options

The control of the AB 250 Special T is realized customer-specific. Four variants are listed below as examples:


Connection diagram of the TKM AB 250 Special T MQL device. Two exemplary connection options are shown.


Example 1 and 2




Connection diagram of the TKM AB 250 Special T MQL device. Two exemplary connection options are shown.

Example 3 and 4


Dimension diagram for TKM AB 250 Special MQL device


Technical specifications
Filling volume:1.8 liters
Unladen weight:10.0 - 11.0 kg

- Switching on/off: Solenoid valve (one M function),
- Operating parameters: individual according to customer requirements

Total volume flow:DN 10
Compressed air supply:5 - 10 bar; dry and filtered
Aerosol outlet pressure:0.3 bar up to maximum 85% of the inlet pressure
  • Individual control assemblies consisting of pressure regulator pair and solenoid valve(s)
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Tank extension: automatic refilling from pressurized 10l central storage reservoir
  • Lockable pressure regulators
  • Nozzles for external feeding of the aerosol
  • Ball valves for integration into the aerosol supply line

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